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A cycling showband from the Netherlands

Bicycle Showband Crescendo, Opende – The Netherlands

The Bicycle Showband Crescendo is not only something special in The Netherlands, but also abroad. Since 1973 Crescendo performs its act on bicycles. Crescendo’s acts can be used at many occasions, such as open air cycling shows or as an independent Crescendo show. All of this accompanied with authentic and well known music.

Depending on the occasion, Crescendo offers two different costumes; a red & blue official uniform which could be used for official openings and other formal ceremonies, but also for shows and parades, and also a so-called “Volendams” costume, which is a typical traditional Dutch costume that originates from a small fishing village in the Netherlands. The combination of bicycles, good music and a traditional old-Dutch costume make Crescendo an attractive export product.

As  each event is unique your organization can consult the manager of Crescendo to discuss the possibilities how to best incorporate Cresendo, the type of uniform, show and possibly music, into its event.

Would you like to see more of this unique showband? Under ‘multimedia’ in the menu of this website you can find a selection of videos and pictures of Crescendo in its full glory. For further information we welcome you to contact our manager directly. 

Contact details:

Mr. R. Jelsma
Verbindingsweg 9
9865 TE, Opende
Telefon +31 (0) 655 897 828
Email: manager@bicycleband.nl


Bicycle Showband Crescendo
Verbindingsweg 9
9865 TE Opende

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