A Cycling Showband

Crescendo, a brassband from the village of Opende (Netherlands), has always been a step ahead. Some thirty years ago, it was one of the first bands in the Netherlands that combined playing music with making complex formations.

Brainstorming in a local pub
In the early seventies, some members of Crescendo took the view that it was time for fresh ideas. After some brainstorming in the local pub, they came up with the idea of continuing the activities of the military bicycle band, which had been disbanded in 1972. The first rehearsal took place on 1st April 1973. Most of the members thought that it was a joke, only about ten of them showed up. This first rehearsal was quite successful, however. After they had convinced the entire band that performing on bicycles could bring a bright future for Crescendo, the little group started hunting for traditional Dutch ‘grandmother’s bicycles’. After a few months of rehearsing, the band was ready for the first performance at the Dutch TT motor races in June 1973.

Something new
In the years that followed, Crescendo became a famous band performing not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Crescendo was very successful in the Japanese ‘Nagasaki Holland Village Huis ten Bosch’, for example. This year the band has visited the land of the rising sun for the seventh time. But the band has also appeared in France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. The number of performances in the Netherlands amounts to twenty a year.

Bicycle constructions
Many musicians have adjusted bicycles. At first, there were only adjusted handlebars for the drummers and saxophone players, but some ‘research and development’ activi­ties have resulted in a few specials like the base drum bicycle, the timtom bicycle and the bicycle with oval wheels. As some percussion instruments are very heavy, the const­ruction of the bicycles concerned must be adjusted to prevent them from tumbling forward.

The performances
At the moment the band presents the show in a new uniform in red and blue, what gives a fresh and cheerful appearance. But the Volendam costume with wooden shoes is also popular; abroad it shows the typical Dutch tradition. The possibilities are many: whatever you want. Crescendo can make a performance on a square or on a field, if it is flat and not too wet. They have a musical performance of marching en cycling with quick and risky elements in it. They can also participate in a procession with other attractions. If you want them do fold up a street: no problem. The only thing they need is some space.

On the homepage http://bicycleband.nl/nieuw/fotoboek/ you can see pictures of the band.

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